Since 2001, Zodiac Casino has been an interactive, innovative, and outrageously fun destination for online gaming. Owned by Technology Services Trading LTD, an internationally renowned partner in the world of microgaming, the astrology-based platform lends a bright and exciting twist to even classic casino pastimes. When gamblers in the know want to see what the stars hold for their future and add a thrill to that prediction, Zodiac Casino, with their extensive selection of table games and slots, is their prime port of call.

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With high-end graphics and an intuitive design, table games at Zodiac Casino take on an exhilarating, modern feel while providing the quintessential playing experience that gamblers crave. For the skilled blackjack fan, they offer an impressive selection of options for gameplay, from classic to multi-hand. If the elation of watching the roulette wheel spin out destiny is the goal, Zodiac Casino offers styles from all across the world. When fortune-hunters are eyeing the high-reward game of poker, they will seldom find a more extensive assortment than what is offered here, with instant access to Aces & Faces and Double Double Bonus Poker yielding huge dollar amounts to players. There is no possibility of boredom with options like these, and they’re accessible in multiple formats, including on the computer and mobile devices.

Whether a gambler is a novice or an experienced player, they are bound to love the selection of 3 and 5-row slots offered by Zodiac Casino. The instructions are user-friendly and make it easy for anyone to get in on the fun, even if it’s their first time trying it out. With dynamic colors and a responsive, live-gaming interface, big winnings have never been more entertaining. A high-grade video stream makes the player feel as though their living room or workspace is the casino, and they’re in the hub of the action no matter where they are.

Beyond the ample game offerings able to be found at Zodiac Casino, each game offers plentiful bonuses and opportunities to increase a gambler’s cash flow while having a great time. There are 80 chances to become a millionaire with the deposit of just one dollar, and there is a 100% bonus up to $100 with the second deposit of any amount, making it easy to see how quickly winnings add up. As if that doesn’t sweeten the pot enough, there is a current drawing for a $25,000 giveaway that only requires a sign-up, which is absolutely a chance worth taking. With money like that to be won, there is no reason not to roll the dice.

If a high-roller should want to gamble like a VIP, Zodiac Casino offers a rewards program that racks up points at over 30 different casinos that participate, making them redeemable at any affiliated location. Should the gambler find themselves playing poker at the Zodiac and blackjack at another casino, the points are adding up at both games, doubling their fun. The best part is that every 100 points translate directly to one dollar in chips, which can turn into dollars won the more games are played. These points are redeemable at any time once the 1,000 mark is hit, which keeps gamblers happily playing and winning more often.

Zodiac Casino offers the best and highest quality micro-gaming experience and provides its players with security and confidence in the process. When a gambler is providing sensitive information to the Zodiac in the form of deposits or withdrawals, their safety is the top priority. Frequently audited and reviewed by an unbiased third party, the casino is part of the Interactive Gaming Council, features a high-level data encryption for identity protection, and provides customer support - available at any time of the day or night - to answer questions or resolve any issues promptly and efficiently. The combination of gambling excitement, top-notch graphics, astrological atmosphere, and excellent perks make Zodiac Casino the go-to spot for all gaming desires.