Challenge Casino is a hit with people who love the online casino experience. Challenge Casino currently offers more than 510 online games that range from traditional slots offerings to newer games that are sure to please people looking for a fresh online casino gaming experience.

€£$1000 Welcome Bonus for New Players, Get More Info and the Rules

Challenge Casino is dedicated to giving online members the thrills and excitement of playing top quality online casino games, while providing a site that people can trust. The focus is on member satisfaction and great times. There are even progressive jackpots on some games that allow lucky players to win big! Whether you prefer Blackjack or would rather play Roulette, Challenge Casino has you covered. At any given time it is not unusual for the total amount of potential jackpot winnings for all games to add up to millions of dollars.

Games are at the heart of any casino. The top online casinos need to provide players with games that are fun to play and easy to use. Challenge Casino features games that are developed by the top professionals in the game development industry. To get started with all the games featured on Challenge Casino all players need to do is sign up and then download their proprietary software. It only takes a few minutes and opens up the entire line of games this popular casino has to offer.

Table Games

Whether you walk into one of the top casinos in the world or log into an online casino, you probably expect to find a wide array of table games. Challenge Casino offers table games that are sure to please. Progressive Cyberstud Poker, Roulette Royal and Caribbean Draw Poker all offer fun takes on traditional table games and big payoffs for winners.


No self-respecting casino would be in existence without plenty of slot machines. Online slots abound at Challenge Casino! There are plenty of slot options to choose from. Mega Moolah is currently one of the most popular online slots games available on the Challenge Casino platform. It is also one of the videos slots options that offers one of the largest progressive jackpots in the world. Several years ago, a Challenge Casino player won over $5 million on a 50 cent bet!


New players can expect the royal treatment when they sign up. That’s because Challenge Casino offers a Signup Bonus that can’t be beat. New players get a bonus on all three of their initial deposits. Challenge Casino gives these folks a match of 25 percent (on up to an $800 deposit) for first time players. All told, this bonus adds up to a thousand dollars (with the second and third bonuses for deposits of up to $150 and $50, respectively. This bonus allows new players to try out plenty of the available table games and slots available to every member.

VIP Rewards

Challenge Casino considers every player to be a VIP. That is why they offer a rewards program to give players some serious perks. Challenge Casino is part of the Casino Rewards Program (as are about 30 other online casinos.) Players earn VIP loyalty points every time they play. 100 points adds up to 1 dollar in online chips. Over time these chips add up and can be redeemed at any casino that is affiliated with the Casino Rewards Program. From day one those VIP loyalty rewards start to add up and there is no limit on how many points VIP members can accumulate.

The Bottom Line on Challenge Casino

Online players are looking for fun and need casinos that offer a good time. Challenge Casino does that, in spades! They also go to great lengths to keep players safe and secure while playing. They use the best 128 bit encryption to protect all of your sensitive personal information. They have a support team that is on staff 24 hours a day and work diligently to create a unique, safe and enjoyable online casino experience for all their members.

All in all, it is easy to realize why people who love playing casino games on their computers, tablets or smartphones consider Challenge Casino to be one of the best online casinos in the world. With plenty of games, amazing jackpots and bonuses galore, there is something for every casino lover at Challenge Casino.