Casino Share is a brand new online location for gaming, fun and the chance to win large amounts of money. This casino looks to ‘share’ the wealth with its users and that is evident throughout this online main stay. Take on all the games and fun the casino has to offer with a download that is complete within a few minutes. Play live or play for fun; the time won’t be wasted as you learn about all the casino has to offer. Below will be a guide as to all of the features made available to the user at this casino.

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The homepage features a graphic set that can draw anyone’s line of sight. Picturesque images grace the first page one will see to give a view of what one can expect when entering the casino. The homepage also features many helpful tabs that will give the user any additional information they may need. A ‘Winners List’ tab at the top of the page goes in-depth as to what games people have recently won on. Check this list to see some of the highest payouts that this casino has made to date. An ‘F.A.Q.’ tab is also made available to answer any additional questions one might still have after browsing throughout the casino. An ‘About Us’ section is made available at the bottom of the homepage. This goes over some of the certifications the casino possesses and what types of software and companies they work with to provide the user with a unique experience. Casino Share works directly with Microgaming for a majority of their games featured. They are a mainstay in the Interactive Gaming Council which operates across many different countries as a leader in online gaming entertainment. Security is also highly managed through a 128 bit encryption system, which ensures the safety of all users.

Gaming becomes an experience that one can truly take a liking too. Table games mark an experience that cannot be found elsewhere. The user can view their hands or the game from multiple angles to really get involved in the process. This camera view can bring the intensity of whatever game into the comfort of one’s own home. Multiple dealing options, additional betting strategies and progressive jackpots mark some features that these table games feature heavily. Try out your favorite table games with a twist in the way the game is bet upon. These additions to classic table games have had users raving in excitement since their introduction to the casino.

Slots also have a special place in the casino. The casino features over 450 different slot interfaces and themes for the user to choose from. 3-reel, 5-reel and additional slotting formats are made available to meet any standards of one’s betting styles. The bonus games are of plenty and the free spin features pop up rather often. 3D machines, interactive game plan and side betting options greet the classical machines that are all made available at Casino Share. 16 progressive jackpots are run consecutively for the slot machines at all times. These jackpots fluctuate greatly and reset for different machines and different amounts each time one is hit. The highest jackpot spans a whopping $7 million plus and the lowest comes in at around $4,000.

Signing up at Casino Share is about the most exciting proposition for the consumer in terms of a bonus. The customer is gifted $2,011 and they have a total of 60 minutes to gamble with this money. Any money that the customer wins over this amount that they were gifted they are allowed to keep. The customer doesn’t need to sign-up or deposit a dime into an account to take advantage of this offer. Even if the customer doesn’t cash out on this free offer, they are given a second chance on the bonus wheel when making their first deposit. This bonus wheel offers all sorts of prizes, payouts and bonus spins.

The VIP program offered to the user is a second proposition that offers them an opportunity to gain free credits. Each machine qualifies for the VIP program, slots and table games alike. This program, CasinoRewards, operates successfully in over 30 different online casinos. The user can gain rewards at any one of these casinos and can use them in combination with one single account. This program is a necessity for those looking to spend time at any of these online casinos.

With all of these factors taken into consideration, it is clear to see that Casino Share offers a very pleasant experience. The home page draws the user in, the bonus offers a fun and unique way to experience the casino and the VIP programs offers extra cash to its users. The fun is there to be experienced before any money exchanges hands, which makes for a very simple proposition. This gives the user the experience before spending their own money, which is a win-win proposition for any online casino. Give Casino Share a try today.