Maria Casino is one of the more popular online casinos in the United Kingdom. They have a number of slot games and casino games. The Maria Online Casino is run by the Unibet International Ltd. and it is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority. Table games, slot games and bingo are all available at the Maria Casino. The Maria Casino has a unique approach to their games, in that they offer customers to try out games for free as long as they aren’t gambling with real money. If a customer likes the game enough to continue to pursue it, then they will have to play to play with real money and real stakes. Interestingly the Maria Casino also has a performance chart that members can look over if they would wish to see how much money they have won and how much they have lost over any given period of time that a member has been gaming. Maria Casino is a member of the European Gaming and Betting Association.

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Table Games

Maria Casino has many table games offered at their casino. You can play any of the following favorite table games at the Maria Casino: Roulette, Texas Hold Em, Black Jack and poker. The casino table games has a variety of different methods of play available. Live play is available for nearly all of the table games. If live games aren’t your speed, you can just play with usual online table games if you would so prefer.


The slots at the Maria Casino are all state of the art in design and in fun value. There are a seemingly never ending number of slot games available from the Maria Casino. There are more classic style slot games and new designs with many pop culture themes ones. Smattered amongst the slot games are tempting and generous jackpots, that are just waiting for a lucky winner to win the jackpot contents.


To join the Maria Casino they will request that you give them your email address, cell phone number, where you live and then you will have to create a login password for yourself to use to login to game whenever and wherever you have internet access and want to do some gambling on the Maria Casino website.

VIP Rewards

VIP rewards from the Maria Casino include all sorts of perks. You can earn points that will count toward bonuses or casino money for you to continue gaming. The Maria Casino allows members of the VIP rewards to be entered into special sweepstakes and jackpots if they would desire to be entered.


The Maria Casino is one of the best and varied casinos in the United Kingdom. The game variation that is offered from the casino is truly worth joining this community. The table games are available as live and non-live options for some of the most popular table games at any casino. The slot games are carefully and creatively designed to really immerse the gamer into the online casino world. They have both traditional and more recent looking slot game designs to excite any avid slot game player. The special unique features they offer are another reason why this casino sticks out among all of the other online casinos out there. The progress chart allows the members of the Maria Casino to study their progress. They can truly see if they are doing well or are playing really roughly. The Maria Casino also generously allows gamers to try the table games and slot games for free before they have to pay for gambling. Overall this casino deserves a five star rating, for it’s excellent design, business and unique approach.