Betfair is an online gaming company that was founded in 1999. They were the first company that allowed their customers to bet on games with odds that were set by other customers or themselves. The company has expanded consistently throughout their history and is available today to people around the world. They are known as one of the largest online casino and betting websites in the industry today. They are popular not only because of the variety of betting options they offer their customers, but because of the fairness, honesty and reliability they have shown throughout their entire history. Betfair offers an almost endless variety of betting opportunities including numerous live sporting competitions, arcade and casino games as well as much more. Betfair works with numerous developers and affiliates and offers concise instructions from their gaming pages and their corporate website to encourage new developers to become involved with the company.

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Betfair Table Games

Customers can choose from several different types of poker or blackjack as well as many other card games. Betfair has traditionally offered many options for card players because this has consistently been one of the most popular gambling options their customers enjoy. Other table games like craps and roulette are also offered.

Casino Slot Games

Slot games remain one of the biggest lures for the average at-home gamer. Betfair makes it easy for their customers to find exactly what they are looking for by offering many themed games as well as the most popular titles found at land based casinos. The old favorites remain while new options are added regularly to ensure there is always a reason for dedicated players to return. Many of the games offer substantial jackpot prizes as well as profitable bonus prizes. Many of the titles that are offered are exclusive to their site. The slot games are separated by several categories making it easy for users to find their favorites. The categories include games that offer many free spins, the most popular options and the classics among others.

Current Casino Promotions

Many enticing promotions are always available to new and existing players. Current promotions include the opportunity to get cash for signing up, free prizes awarded to random players each day on specific games and bonus back weekends that pay back players up to 20 percent of their losses over the weekend. There is also the opportunity to get a guaranteed jackpot for a minimal investment, a bonus for players that join the fun on their birthday and special codes that enable players to get a variety of bonuses known as the Betfair Boost.

VIP Rewards Available

The VIP program offers Betfair players a lot of additional rewards. There are three VIP levels that include Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Diamond is the highest VIP level and with this status the company promises the player will always get personal assistance and special treatment 24 hours a day. VIP members are invited to special events, provided with many desirable bonuses and have account managers that answer questions and resolve problems instantly. A loyalty system is also available to all account holders playing Betfair Poker that helps them to earn points that are redeemable for prizes. The points are multiplied if the member has VIP status and the amount they are increased will depend on their VIP level. The points program makes it possible for all players to earn cash just for playing poker.

Betfair makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the excitement and fun of a casino from home or on the road. They offer mobile apps for gaming anywhere and their apps directory makes it easy to find all of the apps necessary for betting, playing and getting payouts quickly. Their gaming sites are busy, bright and active and are easy to navigate. They entertain nearly one million active customers and perform over seven million transactions every single day. Nearly all of these transactions take less than a second to perform. This ensures that no opportunities are lost to the customers no matter how busy the website is at the time they are ready to play. The additional bonus offers, promotions and programs make it even easier to win and their generous VIP programs make certain all members feel appreciated.