888 first opened its doors to the players in 1997, and over 25 million players have played online ever since. With more than 270 games to choose from, 888 Casino offers its members the option to play their favorite games on their mobile phones and iPad devices.

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Attractions of the 888 Casino

Some casino developers focus almost exclusively on obtaining more slot machines for their casinos and severely underestimate the opinion and taste of their members. Players have their choice of different styles or themes. Although slot games have been popular for many years, players want to see new themes and styles. That’s why the casino offers a variety of slot games. For example, players can choose from superhero to action slots, or choose to try their luck on the Elm Street slot machine.

The casino also offers a variety of new games for mobile users. The 888 Casino app is easy to download and install. The app has all the casino games from the PC version, plus 8 new slot machines to choose from. Wherever players are in the world, now they can play their favorite games on their smartphone or tablet.

Last, the casino also has one attraction that is enjoyable and often less crowded than the most popular casinos. This attraction is the Live Casino experience. Players can chat with dealers and watch how the dealers run the game in real time. For example, a player is able to watch via a live streaming video how a human dealer spins the Roulette wheel and watch where the ball will land on the wheel. Players can also choose to play Blackjack or Baccarat, and can make real betting decisions in the chat room.

The Casino’s Rewards

Whether players are into the Live Casino experience or into playing their favorite games on their smartphones, 888 Casino has rewards for everyone. Players can earn rewards simply by playing any of their favorite games. Here’s how it works: The Status Point promotion rewards members every time they make a bet. Every bet earns players 1 point. Once the player has 100 points, he or she can convert the points to cash. Every 100 points are equivalent to 1 dollar.

The 888 Casino also offers FreePlay vouchers. These vouchers are sometimes awarded in specific amounts throughout the week and they can be spent on any of the games in the casino. However, sometimes players can only use the vouchers on selected games, but the vouchers can be divided between the selected games. Players also have the option to use their Freeplay vouchers to win the Jackpot.

The VIP Promotions

How much entertainment value does the 888 Casino VIP membership provide? As an 888 VIP Casino Club member, players get exclusive access to rewards. But they’ll receive more rewards once they become Gold and Platinum members. Some examples of these lavishing rewards are the following: Invitations to sporting events, concerts, and a 50% higher conversion rate on their earned points. VIP members will make more money just by playing than non-members. Plus, the casino allows its VIP members to create shortcuts to their favorite games and play multiple games at once.

The casino has the best selections of slots. Not to mention, new games are always added to the website. When the developers of this casino take the time to create unique games for the casino, it’s a signal that they care and value their members. So, as the day or night approaches, members can look forward to the new experiences this casino has to offer.